Thursday, March 18, 2010

Vacay is OVER!

Thanks to my very dear friends, I spent a few wonderful days at their home in the mountains in Utah . My purpose was to just relax and recoup and that is exactly what I did. It came to an abrupt halt when I got to the hotel where my car was and found a dead battery. I utilized the Roadside Assistance part of my insurance and it was awesome. Within 15 minutes, someone was there from Auto Rescue to jump start my car. It was all my fault because I forgot to unplug an accessory in my car that drains the battery. I knew better, but just forgot.

After a detour through the Whole Foods store in Plano, I went straight home, then to my mom's where my brother was in the garden planting corn. I was able to help him finish up with that and spend some time with Mom.

Today I was back at her house bright and early ready to get to work in the garden. My brother and I planted another row of potatoes because none of the ones I planted before have come up. After digging around a bit, we found a few of them and some of them were rotting due to too much rain. I don't have much faith that any of the original 3 rows I planted will come up. I hope they do, but I doubt it! We planted 3 more rows of a different kind of corn today and I got a good start on cloroxing all under her carport and washing the house down. Unfortunately, I took my pressure washer there, but forgot the nozzles, so I couldn't use it. I'll go back tomorrow and work some more, but at some point I have to focus on my own yard and flowers. My home needs attention!!!!

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