Saturday, March 20, 2010

A stay home kind of night!

First day of spring has snow predicted! WTH! Today was beautiful, so I took my nasty car to be washed. It is due in the body shop on Monday for some repairs and I wanted it to be clean for the guys. I have Dad's truck to use while it is in the shop, so next week will be a major work week hauling stuff for my yard. I need a truck always!!! Temp has dropped from 68 to 38 in the last couple of hours.

I am sick to death of the morons running this country into the ground and all the lemmings among my facebook friends who believe the lying idiots. I just don't even reply to the nonsense some of them post. And these are very smart people.....I don't understand how they can fall for all the lies. I just hope I get the chance to tell them....see....I told you so!!!!

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Linda said...

Love the picture, I am in total agreement with you, I can't understand how people can believe all the lies that they spit out, so stupid.