Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Computer slave

Today has been spent at the computer working on reunion stuff and scanning old pictures from the school and just generally mundane stuff! Finally, at 5 I went out and mowed the yard just to get out of the house. Got all the mowing done, but not the trimming and blowing. I'll do that tomorrow.

My garbage people pissed me off today because they didn't pick up my garbage. I guess it was because I had a couple of large, old picture frames with the glass still in them on top of the garbage. It would have been safer for them to pick them up that way and toss them in the truck because now I have broken all the glass and frames and put them in garbage bags. The glass is poking holes in the garbage bags and it will now be dangerous to pick up. As a new resident, I have never been given any kind of guidelines for what is acceptable garbage. I was never even told when the garbage days were.
Update: My neighbor just told me I got my garbage out too late. They came before 8:30 today and they usually come in the afternoon. I had it out by 9 A.M.!!!


Janis said...

now, they'll be cursing you when all that glass falls out on them! :) :)
Have had a lot going on over here, but will fill you in shortly. I love you!

Sandy said...

Yes, you need to keep me informed with what's going on. I am feeling guilty now about the glass in the bags, so before Friday when they come again I will probably make it safer.