Monday, October 16, 2006


It's one of the 7 deadly sins and today I have committed it all day long. Some days I just don't have any desire to do I don't. Thank goodness I can do that now! We are having rain and for this part of the country, it is an event because we are suffering from a 10 inch deficit. It rained all night and all day an easy, slow rain that is most beneficial for our predicament. My grass is smiling right now. I didn't even get up until after 9, then I made some breakfast and went back to bed. I never even raised the garage door today. I did make some spaghetti this afternoon and ate that and went back to bed. I see a pattern here!! I just ate ice cream and I am going back to bed and watch some TV!!! And there are lots of "I's" in this post, so perhaps I have regressed to third grade as well!!

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