Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Dazed and confused!!

I spent all day at my mom and dad's working in their yard. My brother saw me out there slaving away, so he went and got his chain saw and came back to help me. We are a working machine when we get together. I don't do chainsaws. That's about the only piece of equipment that I haven't used. As long as I have him, I don't need to. He is giving me grief about my age though. I asked if my doctor here would give me a flu shot and he said probably at my age he would!!!! He wouldn't give my brother one yet because he wasn't old enough to get one of the first shots available!!!That boy is looking for trouble!

Now I am dazed and confused because I stopped at a local shop to get some ryegrass seeds to overseed my yard for the winter. They quoted me $26 for 50 pounds. My sister-in-law just bought some there for $11. They told me she must have bought just rye seed instead of ryegrass seed!! WTF! They couldn't tell me the difference, so now I am on a mission to find out which one I need. My sister-in-law said hers are already coming up nice and green and it looks like ryegrass to her!

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