Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Divine Intervention

I did nothing but cry at Mom's today. Don't know why I am such an emotional wreck. I just held her and told her I couldn't stand to see her this way. I also had to deal with some bathroom issues tonight that I am just not equipped to do and that just threw me for a loop. I put her to bed at 7:00 like I always do and went back in the kitchen to read my book. My brother came in after his Bible study and told me to go home. He was going to stay until the caregiver got there. I was so grateful...but, he had NO CLUE what a wreck I had been all night! I just said "Thank you" and came home. Divine Intervention! I think so! There are NO coincidences!


Anthony said...

Caring for an elderly loved one can be difficult (my parents are/were probably 2-3 decades younger than yours; however, they did not fare well health wise, Mom suffered from partial paralysis and died of lung cancer and Dad is not well)...I empathize with your struggles.

Anonymous said...

Some days are just worse than others for everyone. You probably hit a limit and it all came crashing in at once.

Glad your brother got HIS message.

It is said God does not give us more than we can handle...I'd like to add that when we think HE has...HE also sends help.
Hugs to you. Beth

Linda said...

My brother was over last week and we were discussing how hard it had been when were keeping Mom at home. I had several blow-ups when the pressure had just gotten too much for me. I admire what you two have done. It surely is the hardest thing you will ever do.
God bless you!

Sandy said...

Linda, I pray every day for patience. I just lost it again tonight when she put her Cipro in her mouth and just let it sit there. She drank lots of water and it just stayed at the front of her mouth. She had no idea how to get it to the back to get it down. She finally spit it all everywhere and I lost it. It makes her cry and it makes me cry, but sometimes I just lose it.

Anonymous said...

Pill taking....if she is swallowing food....put it in a bite of yogurt or applesauce...if it can be crushed..crush it and add it or if it can be crushed put it down her feeding tube, if it is still in it needs water down it every so often anyway.
I just read for cipro you can't crush nor put it down feeding tube, so the applesauce would work...sometmes you have to get her swallowing first with something a little more solid that takes her tongue movement to get it down,then give the pill.
It takes different parts of your mouth, tongue and throat to swallow water than to swallow something more solid.
If it gets to be too much have someone else give her the pills, make your part of taking care of her a little easier, let others do a bit more.
Have you looked into a web site for caregivers....they are out there and are a great help with morale.
If you think too much of the responsibility is on you talk to your brother. Hire someone to come in for you at least once a week and make sure you get out with friends. I think maybe you should try to get with your krewe to work on the float and have a little usual fun. Your mom will be fine without you there every day. She doesn't want to see you crying as much as you don't want to see her crying. Spare you both the heartache. You love each other so it makes you both feel helpless.
Take her out with your brother to eat or church or just a drive.
You have to let him know, he can't read your mind. He will step up and help know he will, just ask. Beth