Monday, January 16, 2012


We spent all Friday afternoon in the ER. Mom's peg tube is stopped up again, has blood in it, and hurts her when it is touched. Something is wrong and her doctor told us to take her to the ER and get them to remove it. The ER doctor barely even looked at it, called the surgeon who put it in and he told the ER doc that it could not be removed, yet. It has not been there long enough to heal and it must be healed before it can be removed or the holes will not heal properly. Not sure what we will do now. The doc who put it in told us just to leave it alone since we are not using it anymore and not even try to flush it. I'm afraid this is not going to turn out well. She also has another UTI, which is why she must swallow her Cipro. She swallows everything else with no problem, including lots of other pills.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it is the time of day she is trying to take the pill that makes the difference. She may be extra tired at that time and her swallowing isn't as good then...just a thought.
Sorry about the peg tube...the docs know what they are talking about. It should heal fine , then they can remove it.
It is great that she is swallowing.
UTIs are very common in the elderly no matter their other health issues. Confusion is a symptom of urinary tract infections. Any abrupt change in her demeanor or ability to do tasks, also.
Drink more water, cranberry juice(unless she is on a blood thinner).At least 5 , 8 oz glasses a day, more would be the best. Change her brief often.
The UTI may be more of a threat to her than the PEG tube.Beth

Linda said...

Mom is having alot of problems with UTI also and because of the medicine she has been so hard to deal with. A complete change in the temperment that she had before Alztheimers. From what I have read Mom will get to where she doesn't know how to swallow either. It has turned out that it is better she is closer to where my brother lives because he is having to try to help with getting her to follow the daily routines and she seems to listen to him alot better that she did me. I continue to pray for you and the stress that you are under.