Monday, October 03, 2011

Good night, Mom!

Every night I put my mom to bed and tonight I remembered to turn my camera on on the iphone. She says a bunch of stuff every night that I can't decipher!


Anonymous said...

I don't have sound on this computer... so, I am lip reading.
See if any of this order but not all of the words..but phrases in pieces. B.

When we go out........
.....your house
I believe....
night night (two times in a row)
I'll be alright.
I love you (at the end)

These are all different lines in what she was saying. If I can get to a computer that has sound I may be able to make out more.
She has the most beautiful smile and looks very happy. Hugs to all. Beth

Linda said...

That smile when she says I love you at the end just makes my heart so happy!! She is looking so good.

October is not a good month for either of us.