Friday, May 20, 2011

Aye, Carumba!

This has been a most difficult week...way harder than I ever expected it would be. So much so that my brother and I are looking for Certified Nurse Assistants to hire. I am exhausted and have lost all my zeal for anything. I am not trained to care for anyone, but especially my mom who has incontinence of the bowel and the bladder. I did not know this before we got her home. There are two upsides to the whole thing...she is happy and I have lost 8 pounds since Monday. Along with the rest of my zeal, my appetite left, too! That part is cool. I am kind of hoping for the end of the world rumors to be true tomorrow.


Charlene said...

When you find a good caregiver, you can always take over for a few days if you need to drop a few pounds!! SMILE

Linda said...

I have been wondering how things were going. This is the reason we decided to do what we did, my brother and I were getting so frustrated, him because he lived 3 hours away and I was a total bitch when I thought he should have been here sooner! We did it for 10 months and decided that our sanity would not take anymore.
I truly wish I had some great advice for you. You and your brother must take care of yourselves.
If you need me, I am just an e-mail away!!

Anonymous said...

Try probiotics for the bowel.
Dad's eventually went away after we had him home for a week or so.
Been there done that.
Did she have a catheter at the rehab facility? If so , they should've weaned her off of that before sending her home. It helps retrain the bladder by clamping the hose and when she feels she needs to go unclamping it...until her bladder is retrained on how it should work.
The probiotics should help get the right balance for the bowel movement.
They did tell you she would need 24 hr a day care, didn't they?
If not,shame on them.
Is she glad to be home?
That in itself should help straighten out some of those issues. She will be more at ease at home and things may straighten out.
It took 3 of us to do it. Mom took care of dad in the evenings and at night(my brother was right next door if she needed him at any time) I did the days and after a few months my brother started taking some weekend days, so I could rest. It is VERY difficult. One person can't handle it all and they should've told you that at the rehab too.
I know your brother is right there...and some things he would rather not have to deal with , after all she is his mom. I had to deal with that with dad and after awhile it got to be old hat , but at first it wasn't at all comfortable.
He didn't want to be in a a nursing home, so we had to do it.
I KNOW it is very hard and you DO need help. It will most likely take more than one CNA , so don't just stop at one. They will need days off also and so will you guys.
Don't forget they probably do adult day care at the facility she was at if you need a break before you find a CNA.
If she isn't getting enough calories by what she eats she also may need a feeding tube. If she has swallowing issues she may not be getting enough down.

I can't comment more than a couple times, the blog site won't let me and this one is probably too long for them too.
I may email later on. Beth

Dianne said...

Yep, 24/7 is way too much for one person, even with your brother helping out. My advice is to follow through with finding a caregiver three or four days a week. You need to live your life as close to normal as you can. Trust me I have been where you are...twice! Love you bunches.

Anonymous said...

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