Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mom had a meltdown yesterday and today when a therapist came to get her to walk. She refused and rambled on and on and, of course, we couldn't figure out why she wouldn't go. She cried and I cried. Today, same thing happened and Stewart was there as well, so he saw what I was talking about that happened last night. She cried again. She got alright, but she did not go to therapy. Tomorrow I will take her to her church again and I hope on Monday, she gets back to working hard. If she doesn't, then we have no reason to be there. This photo was today when my brother and I took her outside to sit for awhile.


Anonymous said...

She must be overwhelmed by this whole ordeal....she is probably very tired of all the trying and not seeing spectacular results.
I am sure they also told you that crying is part of stroke aftermath.... anytime, anywhere and sometimes for no reason at all.

She may be ready , in her mind, to go home, to rest, to be loved, to relax. She can always go back to rehab if sometime down the road she and you all think it would be a good idea.
You also must remember a lot of her brain wires got crossed or short circuited when the stroke happened, not to mention the toll the heart attack also took on her.
Ask her.......maybe just one simple question......"Are you ready to go home?"

Sometimes too many questions at once just confuse them.

I know it is disheartening to not have her back to 'her old self'....but this just may be your 'new mom'... I know how it is don't love her any is just a different relationship than before....she will be dependent on you guys.

Miracles don't only happen in church....let's just hope you have one while at church this time.

You may find when you get there today she is fine again and willing to work with the therapists.

I once read..... our prayers are always answered...just maybe not in the way we expect them to be. Hugs to you all.
Rest when you can and don't hesitate to ask for help when you need it. You will only wear yourself out trying to do everything . Beth

Anonymous said...

Sandy, Sandy....I just looked at the picture again .....!!!!

She is holding her left hand(the one that works better) WITH her right hand (not her strong hand).

Sometimes when they are concentrating less ....things come easier for them.Beth

Sandy said...

Thanks, Beth.