Wednesday, March 02, 2011


After a complete melt down for the last two days, Mom had an excellent day today. The last two days she just cried, didn't want to go get her hair done and couldn't do much in therapy. We have no idea what was wrong because she couldn't tell us. I spent all day with her yesterday. We sat outside and waited for an old high school friend of mine to come see her. Of course, I stay with her every night until she goes to bed. Today was a complete turn around. No crying and she was doing well. The aide told me tonight that Mom did the best she had ever done getting in the bed. The aide didn't have to help her much, but hold her hands on her back to make sure she didn't fall. She was even able to turn herself and get in the bed without much help and without hurting her arm or leg. When I told her tonight that the aide had really bragged on how well she did, Mom just beamed. She wants to get better so badly.

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Anonymous said...

Stroke patients don't have much control over their emotions....kinda bare and out there for the world to take in, that is my experience anyway.
Do you see what I mean about spontaneous things just coming out of them.....when you went to the was something she had done before and was at ease with and therefore it just came out of her to talk. I think that is why songs and singing are easier for them. Beth
Glad she is doing better now.