Saturday, February 26, 2011

More progress!

We took Mom out to eat tonight at our favorite catfish place. When we got to the place, I forgot to unhook her seat belt while my brother was getting the wheelchair from his car. She very clearly told me, "I can't get out". When the wait staff asked her if she wanted fish or shrimp, she very clearly said, "I think I want the shrimp"! We talked with someone there whose mother had a really bad stroke and after a year had started talking and doing all the same things again. Those kinds of stories give us hope.

 Last night someone asked if she had supplemental insurance. Well, of course, she does and we completely forgot  about it. We will be checking on Monday to see if it will help pay since she is in a Skilled Nursing Facility. Something new to learn every day. Our visit with the lawyer on Friday was helpful as well.

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Great, great, great and great!!Beth