Wednesday, February 09, 2011


I just deleted the last post and I really didn't mean to. It's my record of my mom's stroke.

We are now 15 weeks post stroke and still making some progress. My brother is going to be gone next week, so I will have it all by myself.


Anonymous said...

I'm here...I know it's not the same. If you need reassurance about something , I check in more than once a day.
Am sure your brother will be in fairly constant contact with you and your mom.
:) Beth

Sandy said...

Thanks. Yes, he will call several times a day. He can only leave his business during the winter, so this is the only time he can go away a few days. His wife runs the show, so he is reluctantly going. He doesn't really want to leave again since they already went to Branson while she was in the hospital rehab.