Thursday, January 06, 2011

Well, duh!

Family friends brought their 3 month old twins to see Mom today. What was I thinking when I didn't take a picture of Mom holding one of the babies! We had to keep a hand under the babies, but she was so cute talking to those babies and we knew what she was saying. The word spread quickly and all the rehab staff was in her room to see those babies.

My brother told me that she walked 70 feet yesterday with a therapist on both sides and someone following behind with a wheel chair. Woo Hoo! Of course, someone is still having to move that right leg at the right time trying to retrain the brain to make it work on its own.

Tomorrow my brother goes to see about the spot on his kidney and next Wednesday, he goes to see the neurosurgeon about his back. Surgery is probably in his immediate future. We need him well and feeling good.


Anonymous said...

Good for your mom, it all sounds so familiar.
See if there is something YOU can do while you are there to help her with her leg...maybe excersizes or toe taps..ask the therapist. The more she tries to use it the better , but not wear her out.
Sometimes the toes won't come up for them to pick their foot up to walk , they make a 'helper' that they put in there shoe to keep it in the correct position while walking... a plastic right angle shaped thingy. Yah, I'm all about techinical names. Are they helping her walk every day? Is the rehab program pretty well all day? Something scheduled at every hour pretty well?
So , she was talking clearly to the babies? Using the right words? That is great. Sometimes it works best when they aren't concentrating so hard on doing it and just have it come spontaneously.
Like toe tapping to music or rocking in a rocking chair. Do they have rocking chairs there ? If not, I bet they would let you bring one in for her room.

Sandy said...

Thanks, Beth. Your info is always so helpful.