Saturday, January 01, 2011

Time to take care of me!

I used my Map my Walk iphone app today determined to get more exercise in my life. Love that app so much. It has a GPS which pinpoints where I am when I start and traces my walk the whole way while telling me how far I have gone and how long it took. Today I chose to go away from my home to get started, so I parked at the hospital in downtown Minden, got the app going and the ipod feature cranked up and took off. As I was walking down Main Street, I passed Milly Rose's antique shop. Sitting out in front of her shop was an item that I believe to have been crafted by my father. He used to do a lot of wood working and these garbage cans were one of his items. I still use mine. I showed the picture to my mom and my brother and they both thought it was Dad's creation.

My brother called this morning to see if we could manage to get Mom to his house for cabbage and black eyed peas. WE DID! I went to get her and the staff helped get her in the car. My brother got her out at his house and he said it wasn't nearly as hard as it was just last Saturday when we brought her to my house.


Anonymous said...

Good for you guys ! Beth

Pat Austin said...

I love Milly Rose's place! And I've seen that piece a zillion times! You should buy it.

Sandy said...

Pat, I am still using one just like it that he made.