Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I just realized that I have been quite remiss in updating on Mom. It's just because there is nothing earth shaking to report. She continues to make tiny improvements, but continues to do some mentally really strange blow her nose  in her hand!!! WTH! We have tissues right in front of her, but she can't grasp the concept all the time. Her mind is just not quite right. That part is really hard for me because she has always been so smart!

My brother saw his neurosurgeon today and has surgery scheduled for the 24th for his spinal stenosis. Doc said maybe a couple of days in the hospital and light duty for a couple of weeks. This will be his second stenosis surgery and the last one, he stayed in the hospital less that 24 hours. He thinks he's indestructible! Superman!


Linda said...

Continue to check in for updates and happy for the tiny improvements. Think of you and your family daily.

Anonymous said...

Tiny things add up to big accomplishments in the end. A lot of hurry up and wait. Time heals not only the heart , but the body takes time to heal and regenerate also. Slow and steady.
How is her speaking coming?
The woman who was shot in Arizona is going to be a good example to watch her progress.
Are you getting the stroke magazine from the American Heart Association? It has good stories and helpful articles in it and it is free.
It does seem like sometime the brain is misfiring and things don't connect just right for them.
Like when they call something by another name. They know that isn't the word they want to use but that is the word that comes out. It was frustrating to dad, I think partially why he didn't really try too hard to talk. Beth

Sandy said...

I will check into the stroke magazine. Didn't know about it. thanks.

Sandy said...

Just subscribed to the Stroke Connection magazine as a caregiver.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sandy,
I thought of something else.
Singing comes easier to most stroke patients than speaking. I don't know the science behind it, I just know it works for some.
She could even sing what she was going to say to help her along if the words aren't coming to speak.
So maybe try it a little bit with her ....don't worry a hoot if neither of you can sing ...especially if it works. ;)
You will find good ideas in that Stroke magazine...really uplifting. But, also tells it like it is. New techniques, new gizmos for helping movement.

Sandy said...

I know the speech therapist uses some singing with her...especially hymns and Christmas carols.