Monday, January 17, 2011

Every night I stay with Mom until the...

Every night I stay with Mom until they put her to bed and I know she is comfortable. Last night, her gown was bunched up under her, so I got the aids back in the room that put her to bed to straighten it out. She still was not happy and none of us could figure out what was wrong. She ended up crying and I ended up crying because I couldn't understand her and didn't know what was wrong. I finally left, but didn't sleep well last night because I was worried that something was wrong with her. Today, she doesn't remember why she was unhappy and crying. I told her I didn't sleep because I was worried about her. She very clearly said to me, " I'm sorry"! She was happy tonight when I left her, so I think I will sleep tonight...Oh, wait, I slept this afternoon. My brother called and told me he was with Mom at 4 and there was no need for me to come then, so I waited an extra hour to go there. An extra hour at home is very helpful to me.


Anonymous said...

Dad's emotions were always all over the board...they don't have control over it sometime and depression is a part of having a is a physical thing and nothing your mom has done or not done to cause it.
I know it is hard , but it is like a child in that the next minute even they can't remember why they were sad or crying or laughing even. It is hard to not take it personally and I bet she was just fine after she fell asleep and slept fine. It is also hard for her to see you crying because of her. So make sure you let her know it isn't her fault that you are crying....that you had a long day and are extra tired or something like that....which is probably true, too.
If she has diabetes make sure they check her blood sugar at times like that , it seems to make things worse for them if it is off.
If you always used to hug her make sure you hug her more often...she won't break..I know I didn't do that enough with dad, but they love to know they are loved.
Sorry,if I repeat myself from something before. I really should just write a book/pamphlet to help folks out.
It is good the aids knew what they had done wrong,and you can help your mom too. I know that took me awhile to understand, but, if I was there I did things for dad that needed done. It was good practice for when he came home.
You may need to know all this one day so pay close attention to how they do things and what ,when they do it.
Not that you need to know now, but if she can go home, she may need to live with one of you or one of you in her house, if she lived by herself before. Just something you need to think about.
And yes, always nap when you can because it seems like something happens and you need to be rested about the time you don't get enough rest.
Wonderful your brother is thoughtful enough to call you and that you seem to be able to work together. Beth

Sandy said...

Once again...thank you so much for your insight. My brother is awesome and will do anything for his mom. In fact, I did not go at noon today because he was going to be there. Gave me a chance just to be lazy at home. There is so much I need to do outside, but it still just a little too chilly for me. When Mom does get to go home, I will spend most of my time there with her. My brother lives real close by. I have already told him, that I will have to get internet and wifi at her house, so I can take my laptop and use my iphone apps.

Anonymous said...

There is a plethora of information on line about strokes.
Hugs to both of you also. :) Beth