Saturday, September 04, 2010


Wow! Such a beautiful day and my lazy ass has done very little. Here's a recap:

  • Go to McDonald's to grab a big breakfast w/hotcakes and bring it home
  • Play on the iphone off and on all day
  • Do a few scrapbook pages
  • Watch Texas beat Rice
  • Watch LSU beat UNC...well, it's not over yet!
  • Pay the lawn guy to mow my lawn while my lazy ass watches football
  • Go buy ribs from Ol' West Bar B Q for dinner
  • Do a few more scrapbook pages
  • Water the yard
  • Visit with the neighbors
  • Hit the sack!
What a waste of skin today!


Linda said...

Not a waste at all, it's time you took a little time to enjoy a relaxing day. Isn't this weather beautiful!!!!!

Sandy said...

Looks like today is another lovely day, so maybe I'll do something productive pull some weeds!