Thursday, September 02, 2010


Looks like the lawyer finally has Dad's succession completed and correct. Now all we have to do is go to his mom, my brother, and me...and sign the final papers and pay the bill, which, I am sure, will be substantial even though he is a family friend and promised us a reduced rate. Now that he has seen how much the estate is worth, that promise probably went out the window...of course, most of it is land, mineral rights and timber..not cash!

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Charlene said...

When my husband died almost twenty years ago, the attorney said his bill would be a flat amount to file probate and handle any paperwork or 1% of the estate. I opted for the flat amount. Everything was in joint name and in Kentucky if your spouse died all assets revert to the widowed, assuming there aren't a handfull of widows, etc.

In wills and estates I think a lawyer is a good idea.

I know you're glad it's over.