Friday, August 13, 2010

Yet another doctor today!

Finally went in to see about the dermatitis that I have had for 8 months. Doc was not happy that I waited so long to see about it. Because I have already had a bout with staph infection, he told me to NEVER do that again. He is setting me up with a dermatologist. He suspects my blood pressure medicine which I have been taking for years, but an allergy can occur after so long a time. Have been twice to CVS to get the prescription he sent in and they are so backed up, I thought I was in Wal Mart!!! Maybe at some point tonight I will get the script! I need a margarita!


Dianne said...

I had that around my nose starting last Nov! After two visits to the dermatologist, two diff antibiotics and some really expensive gel, it is almost gone. Mine hurt, itched and burned all at the same time.

Sandy said...

This started on one finger back in October when Dad was in the hospital. Itched really bad, then spread to the same finger on the other hand...then to the tops of both up my forearms..only on the top to my on the backs of both calves. I thought it was stress because of Dad and it would go away after he died. It only got worse! We will see if a dermatologist can nail it down. I got some stuff to put on it until I can see a dermatologist from my doctor and it feels a little better already!