Friday, August 13, 2010


I bought those silly looking squiggly light bulbs because the tree huggers gave all this song and dance about how they use less electricity and last 8 years. Well, I have lived in this house four years, paid a lot of money for those stupid bulbs to go in a fixture over the kitchen table. One of them already burned out!!! WTH! Another beef I have with them is that it is nearly impossible to find bulbs that all look the same...some put out a yellowish light, while others are white. Mine have to match because that's how I roll. I even put the stupid things in the bathroom over the mirror. Finally, took them all out and put incandescent bulbs back in so I could SEE! I'm through with trying to save the Earth! I have to SEE! Also, they fail to mention that there is no safe way to dispose of burned out squiggly bulbs. They have mercury in them and should not go to the landfills. Mine went in the trash! I was mad because it burned out!


Linda said...

When I first moved back to Cleveland I would look in the mirror and think I didn't look as old as some of my classmates I had seen. THEN one morning I walked in the bathroom with my glasses on and the truth was there!!! Didn't really realize how bad the light and my eyes were. Yes, I had the same little light bulbs.

Sandy said...

Linda, I think you and I are living in a parallel universe even though we don't know each other!!!

Linda said...

I totally agree!