Saturday, August 28, 2010

Well, DUH!

Went and bought one of those expensive pump containers of extended death to weeds Round it home and couldn't figure out how to work the damn thing, so I took it back. No wonder it wouldn't work! I got my money back and went to the garden center again. Turns out the one I bought was missing the whole part that contained the tube and wand. I now have one that works with all its parts.
     Spent all morning watching the Restoring Honor Rally at the Lincoln Memorial where my friends are today. Wow! What an experience that must have been. I cried the whole time. If the press can find anything to criticize about that, I want to see what it is. There was not one word of controversy and not one sign for them to focus on. Oh, my, what will they find to say!!!!
     Also did my patriotic duty and responsibility and went to vote for David Vitter. I preach to not vote for any incumbents, but in this case, I did!

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