Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Semi-productive day!

Checked on Mom today and made her an appointment with an orthopedic physician's assistant because we can't get in to the doctor until after the new year. The assistant can evaluate and determine what needs to be done and get the ball rolling. Something has to be done with her foot.Her cousin is an orthopedic surgeon, but he doesn't do feet. He referred her to a surgeon here in Minden. He doesn't want her to let a foot doctor cut on her. He said he would rather read up on what to do and do it himself than let a foot doctor do it. I guess he doesn't trust foot doctors!!

Also, had to call her insurance company because Dad's gap insurance was paid up for a year and she just paid it in April. They owe her a refund. It's kind of ironic that I am having to make all these phone calls since I hate, hate, hate to make phone calls.

Started making my usual pralines and fudge. Thank goodness I had one box already prepared and boxed because my neighbor came over bearing gifts and I was able to hand him one right back. Whew!

Mardi Gras preparations have begun. Worked on the float last night. I will not be riding in the Gemini parade this year. It's just too long and grueling. I was so exhausted last year and when we left the grounds where our cars were parked, we had to pass right by where a fireman had fallen from his truck. That fireman died this weekend. Such a tragedy!

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