Thursday, December 17, 2009

Crappy doodle day!

Actually, it's just the weather that is crappy doodle! At 3 P.M. I thought it was 6 because it has been so dark all day. Today our lunch bunch had our last lunch together before Christmas, so everyone came bearing gifts...mostly edibles! Yep, that works for me.

 My brother had dropped Mom off at my house while I was gone to lunch so I could take her to the podiatrist. That man took the callous off and lots of puss drained from her toe. He didn't even deaden it. When my cousin did that a couple of weeks ago, he at least deadened it first. No wonder she doesn't like that foot doctor. I don't like him either and I never even met him. He could have not hurt her so bad.

Tonight we were supposed to go see "The Blind Side", but my friend crapped out on me. I was glad. All I want to do is sit by the fire and drink a warm cozy beverage!

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Linda said...

Hope you Mom's foot gets better soon. Happy Holiday's to you also.