Saturday, June 06, 2009

My life has been quite mundane lately...

My life has been quite mundane lately, so I have been negligent in posting to my blog. I guess I get my fix on Facebook. Today is a hang out at home day and that is quite alright with me. However, for some reason, I was up early so I went to McDonald's for their big breakfast. When I have a big breakfast, I'm pretty much worthless until it wears off, so I went back to bed. Tonight our krewe has a Captain's party about 30 minutes up the road from me in Walkerville, Arkansas. It still amazes me that I live so close to Arkansas now. Our theme this year was the Krewe that Never Sleeps with a concentration on Vegas, so we are having a fish fry at a member's deer camp and lots of Vegas type games. It will be fun.

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