Monday, February 04, 2008

Just DAMN!

This graphic explains how I feel.The parades would have been so much fun if I had not been sick. Due to my being so idle physically since I got sick before Christmas, my back was killing me during the 3 1/2 hours of the parade on Saturday. That's constant dancing and throwing beads for that long. I had a chair on the float that I had to sit in quite a bit, but that parade is hard work. They estimated half a million people along the route. We have a DJ on board and he is awesome. He keeps us dancing the whole time. After the parade ended on Saturday, we had breakfast served to us at the King's wife's little restaurant. Just perfect. I had done very little drinking....2 lemon drops and one 7 ounce beer, but I had to stop on the way home to throw up. Turns out I had some sort of virus. I was not sick again until just before the next parade started yesterday. I should have never got on the float, but I did. Thank goodness I was on the end and had a plastic container to throw up in. I hadn't eaten a bite since the night before, so there was nothing to actually throw up. Sometimes that just makes it worse. Finally, today I have managed to keep some crackers and some sprite down. I just ate the old stand by...chicken noodle soup. I hope it stays down. I am supposed to do one more parade Tuesday night, but it is a short parade. I hope I can make it. Every upper torso muscle is sore from all the dry heaving...well, now aren't I just a ray of sunshine!

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