Friday, February 01, 2008

Almost over!

Mardi Gras 1 Mardi Gras ends on Tuesday, but tomorrow and Sunday are really big parades. I just hope I have enough throws plus I've been invited to ride Tuesday night in the final parade of the season. It's a small one and we are only entering our children's float. The big float won't fit where this parade rolls.

My dad finally came down with what all the rest of us have had....Mom and I twice! He's pretty sick, but it isn't the flu...just a bad cold.
Big Sneeze

This weekend is a big weekend in Minden. It's totally devoted to raising money for St Jude. I will be gone all of Saturday and Sunday, so I got all my pledges in today. They actually have people pledging from all over via the internet. Go here and check out all the things that a $5 or $10 one time pledge could possibly win for you. ALL the items are donated, so ALL the money goes to St. Jude. It's a wonderful thing.I have already dropped $300, but St. Jude is my favorite charity and $100 of that is for the grand prize, which is a Denali or a Mercedes.They only sell 2000 of those tickets.
Get Well Soon

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