Wednesday, January 02, 2008


On New Year's eve, I was already in my flannels and had my taco soup made. I was ready to call it a night when someone knocked on my door. I opened it to find a friend standing there in my garage. She told me to get dressed and come on and meet some others out at a restaurant. I did that and was still home by 8 P.M. Wow! How things have changed with age. I used to go out every New Year's and now I don't even care.

Yesterday I went to another friend's for cabbage and black eyed peas. It was good and I really enjoyed watching some of the Planet Earth series on their big ass HDTV with surround sound. It was awesome. I also took a quick trip to Best Buy and bought a new TV for my bedroom. I am going to get DVR for that TV,but right now my provider is out of DVR's. I have to be able to record some shows like Regis and Kelly and All My Children which I cannot do with the new TV because it doesn't have the built in recorder like my old one. I haven't hooked it up yet because I don't know how. I'll get it hooked up by the company when they come to set up the DVR which may be next week.

Today I bought a new TV for the den. It hasn't been delivered yet, but it will be today or tomorrow. I bought it locally so they can set it up for me. I liked it when all I had to do was plug in the sucker and hook it to the cable. Those days are gone. My brother just called and he is shopping for a new one for Mom and Dad. Lightning struck hers a couple of weeks ago and blew it out completely. He can hook theirs up because they don't have digital cable and a cable box to route everything through.

Now I have one more money spending project before I can stop with the outflow of funds. I still have to get a new cell phone and provider. I would love to have an Iphone, but that ain't gonna happen! Costs too much! I have to remember that I am RETIRED!

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