Monday, December 31, 2007

Since my partying days are over, New Year's is just another day. I do get a little nostalgic each year on New Year's Eve because it reminds me of all the ski trips to Colorado. We always had a great time on New Year's Eve. I'm still trying to get well, but I did go get the car washed. It's essential that my car be clean on the first day of the new year. I got all the yard ornaments at least in the garage...though not in the attic where they will eventually live. I have a few daffodils starting to peak out of the ground, so I planted a few more bulbs that I already had plus about 30 Dutch irises as well. Bulbs are so much fun because to me they are always a surprise. Tomorrow I will have black eyed peas and cabbage at a friend's house and hope the old adage about good health and wealth are true this year.

I am in sticker shock. Today I looked around at TV's. Dayum....I had no idea they were so expensive. Guess I haven't bought one in a while. I really need two now. The store where I looked hardest and where I bought a lot of stuff from when I moved here gave me a calendar. I started putting some stuff on it and discovered it is a 2007 calendar. WTH! I don't need that! Hope that's not how the new year will be!

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