Monday, November 19, 2007


This morning I went to the doctor to see about my hand. Seems he doesn't know what it is, but the possibilities are a deep tissue infection (most likely), cancer (unlikely because cancer doesn't hurt) or a staph infection (not likely...not the same characteristics). He pushed on it and I told him if he did that again I would have to kill him. It really hurts! We are going to try some meds first (sulfa drug, a shot of some sort, and ointment). If that doesn't work, he will do a biopsy. After that it will most likely have to be cut out!!! HELLLLL_OOOOOO! I'm praying for the drugs to work. He did give me some pain meds as well. (Yay!) I also got my flu shot since I saw a graphic on TV that showed Louisiana and Florida with the most reported cases!!

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