Friday, November 16, 2007

I love the Internet (part 2)

I love the internet, butI hate incompetence. I received the make up today and it was the wrong freakin' kind! In the box there is a note that said the box was carefully inspected! I don't think so. A few times I came home from Dillard's with the Creme makeup instead of the Natural Finish, so I finally learned to double check the morons. I tried the creme one time. That's how I knew it was the wrong kind. I didn't like it. Both kinds are in exactly the same box, so you have to read the box to get it right. Morons obviously didn't do that. If I am going to pay that much, it must be the correct kind. I have called customer service for Borghese Cosmetics and had to leave a message. It has not been answered. I sent an email and it has not been answered. Not only that, but the packing slip says they will not pay for shipping it back. So I will have to pay to ship the damn thing back and wait yet again for the correct one to be sent. I am out of makeup and I am steamed!!

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