Thursday, October 04, 2007

Two crises averted!!

Tuesday night my cousin's daughter cooked dinner for us in her tiny 500 sq.ft. condo.(Yes, that is correct square footage. She is an American Airlines flight attendant with 10 years experience and could only afford this tiny place. Why? Because it's freakin' 225,000 dollars) Imagine a 27 pound cat in a space that small. There is thick cat dander and I am highly allergic. As soon as I started having a reaction, she gave me a pill. It worked like magic...Allegra. Turns out she is also allergic to cats!! Why would anyone who is allergic to cats have a cat for a pet?? I don't get it. This cat is huge and is named Fat Boy. Then yesterday the daughter drove us to do touristy stuff in her car. Yes, Fat Boy had been in the car. Once again, I started having my reaction. Another pill.....crisis averted.
Today we were going to take my car to breakfast. Could not find the keys. We searched and searched....emptied suitcases...everything. Damnit, I was ready to call the Lincoln dealership and try to get a new key made. Then I opened the suitcase again to look. I picked up a pair of shorts and felt the keys in the pocket! Thank God.....$300 saved from my stupidity!!!

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