Saturday, October 27, 2007


I get nervous when I am in charge of doing something that I have never done before, so until this program gets printed I will not completely relax. The Bal' is on January 4th this year, so there isn't much time. After I spent the morning working on the float, I spent the afternoon looking for stuff for a garage sale that will be happening next weekend as a fund raiser for the royalty this year. It is very expensive to serve as royalty. Next weekend is an annual event called Main to Main and there are garage sales set up along the highway from Main Street in Springhill, Louisiana, which is about 30 miles north of us, to several miles south of Minden Main Street. We have a big tent that will be set up in a prime location for our garage sale. I'm glad to get rid of some more stuff. I got rid of a lot before I moved, but I figure if I haven't used it since I have been here, then I don't need it. Next week I will continue to get rid of stuff!! I like doing that.

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