Monday, October 29, 2007

Awesome day....

There were so many options for me today and I did most of them. When the weather is as perfect as it was today, I am energized and get a lot done. I made one trip out to where our garage sale tent will be on Saturday and took STUFF. Tomorrow I will continue to go through and get rid of stuff. There is so much stuff in the attic that I just don't need. Two tennis rackets that were very expensive twenty years ago are finally going to have to go. They survived the move to Louisiana, but now they are going to have to go. The strings, of course, are dead in them and I'm sure a real tennis player would laugh at the rackets, but a child just getting started could use them. It's hard for me to part with that part of my life. I used to play competitive tennis and had so much fun. I still have my $12 wooden frame racket that I bought when I took tennis in college. It's staying!!!!!

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