Thursday, October 18, 2007

Holy Crap....

If my dad gets a cold this winter, it is over for him. He cannot breathe. Last night was a better night. Someone told him to take an allergy pill before going to bed. He did that and did not wake up gasping for breath. I hope this will make things better for him. I need to stay away from him because I feel like I may be getting sick. I am doing a lot of coughing and that usually preceeds my getting sick.

Louisiana is in the throes of an election which is over on Saturday, Thank Goodness! I got 10 phone calls today, all of them politically motivated. I do not answer any call from "out of area". I know who I am voting for anyway.My mailbox has been full of flyers everyday and I had 8 messages when I returned home, 7 of them being political in nature. I am sick of it all.

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