Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Last day....

Since I already had everything done, I slept in this morning. Everything is packed. I turned the sprinklers on the yard and went to see Mom and Dad. Of course, it rained while I was gone, so my yard got a double dose. It really needed it badly, so I'm glad to get that rain before I leave. Most of my hummers are gone and I expect the last two to be gone before I get back. There is still juice in the feeder, so they will be fine until they leave on their journey.

My dad said he would worry the whole time I am gone. He's a worrier! I can't help that. He's always been that way. That's why I used to never tell him when I was gone, but now that I live close I can't do that. I do miss just taking off for a weekend like I used to do without telling anyone.

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