Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hello, Alabama

Who knew Alabama's flag looked like this? Sort of strange, I think, but it comes from the Confederate flag. Can't argue with that!!!

I am in for the night..well. except for that OUtback steakhouse next door, somewhere between Birmingham and Huntsville. Everything went smoothly except that after I was too far out to turn around, I realized that I had left my memory foam pillow that I like to sit on when I drive long distances. That has been remedied. The local Wal Mart had one similar, so it is now in the car.

My brother called when I was almost to Jackson and told me my neighbor had called him to tell him they wouldn't be around to take care of things at my house while I am gone. Her husband had a four wheeler accident and was in the hospital awaiting surgery. He broke some vertebrae. He is the one who mowed my yard for me last time I was gone. Great neighbors. I knew something was amiss because their newspaper stayed in the yard all day for 2 days, but it got picked up at night. I am really sorry to hear this. I could be helping them out right now.

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