Saturday, November 11, 2006


Mowing The Lawn Yesterday I finally mowed the yard after waiting about a month to let the rye grass get a good start. I planted those seed using a spreader, but some places are just thicker than others. Some places it doesn't seem to be coming up at all. If it doesn't I will buy more seeds because I already gave my leftovers to my brother to put down at the pond at Dad's. I hated to mow it because it was really beautiful.

This morning I went down to Mom and Dad's around 8:30 to pick up pecans. There were some winds last night when a cold front came through, so I thought there would be a lot to pick up, but there were none. Looks like there will not be nearly as many as we had a couple of years ago. While there, Mom told me she fell in the night Thursday night about 12:30 going to the bathroom and couldn't get up. Dad didn't find her until about 3. She had managed to scoot over near enough to her bed to lean against it and pull some covers off of it to cover herself. Dad had to call my brother to come get her up. He asked her why she didn't call him earlier, but she couldn't reach the phone. I set up one of those remote doorbells a couple of years ago with the ringer in Dad's room, but she doesn't know if it still works. I'll check on that this week for her. He probably couldn't hear it anyway!!

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