Sunday, October 29, 2006


I was invited to a costume party tonight by some members of the local Mardi Gras krewe. I am not a member of the krewe, but I have been invited to join. I was a judge of the costumes because I didn't know most of the people so I was very impartial and I didn't have to wear a costume. It was so much fun. That is really a fun group of people. The person I rode to the party with was dressed as Mama Cass and she got shitfaced. I had to drive us home. At least, I drove to my home, then another passenger got behind the wheel to take himself home, then the owner of the car was to take herself home. She didn't have far to go and Minden closes up rather early so I hope she got home OK. She is the Queen this year of the Mardi Gras Ball, which is in January. She told me that I would be getting an invitation to sit at one of the Queen's tables at the ball. Wow! I have never been to one of those and it is a formal affair, so I guess I had better start looking for something to wear!!!

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Janis said...

That really sounds like fun!! That's one things about Louisiana...the celebration before Lent! :)

You're haircut looked good - I bet you freaked when you saw the spikes, though. :)