Monday, October 30, 2006

Cleaning Machine....that's me!

I spent all morning doing the household chores which included washing, mopping, changing the sheets...and even cleaning the baseboards. One would think a new construction wouldn't get so dirty, but it does. I also did some plant trimming outside. While I was watching All My Children, I made brownies. When that was over, I put some brownies in a container that belonged to my sister-in-law and took some to her. I was hoping my brother was in the woods hunting because he could not eat the brownies due to his gluten allergy, but he was there. I felt bad giving her the brownies. She has to cook everything gluten free, so she never gets any good stuff anymore. When I left there. I went to take some brownies to Mom and Dad. Mom was asleep in her room and Dad was asleep in his room, so I cleaned the kitchen, picked the turnip greens, mowed under the pecan trees and picked up the pecans. Damn, I have been busy. I think I'll go rest now!!!


Liz said...

I wish the brownie fairy would show up at my house and clean the kitchen while I was sleeping!

Sandy said...

It will happen, but not until you are about 80 years old!! By then you won't even care if it's clean!!