Friday, July 28, 2006

Friends revisited!

My friend from Orange got here yesterday about 3 P.M. and just left a few minutes ago to go to Bossier for a couple of days with her aunt. We had a great visit. She hadn't been here long before we were rearranging furniture. She's good like that! Now I have optimal use of all my furniture. Before we changed things around, my love seat was not being used because it was not together with the other furniture. This will be better.
We took the tour of my new town, which is really a beautiful, quaint little town. I had dinner ready to cook before she arrived, baked a blueberry pound cake using fresh blueberries, and had the wine chilled. We had a nice dinner, then sat on the patio with our dessert and wine until after 11:00 just catching up.
Today we went down to visit my parents, who she had not seen in a long time. We picked tomatoes and came back to my home. What a lovely visit! She is a friend that I will always have.

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