Saturday, June 16, 2012

Oh, my goodness!

When I got to Mom's yesterday, my brother told me that the caregiver who had been with her all night went straight to the ER from there. She has a hole in the small intestine and had emergency surgery yesterday. They ended up removing half her colon. Haven't heard yet exactly what the problem was. Cancer was a possibility, but I have not been told if that is what it was. That poor woman had been in pain all night and didn't call either me or my brother so she could go on to the ER. I feel bad that she didn't do that. Don't want to go visit her today because I know the second day is the worst, but I did send some flowers from our family.

The coons have found our corn and the deer and found the sweet potatoes. Traps have been set every night for the coons, but only one has been caught. They continue to manage to get the marshmallows out of the trap without tripping it. We have no idea how! The potatoes have been surrounded by reflector tape as of yesterday, which we have been told is a deterrent to deer. Deer also like okra, so it will probably be next!!! It's not producing yet, but it will have some ready by next week if the deer let us have any of it.

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