Monday, May 07, 2012

Another one gone!

My mother's sister that I mentioned in the last post died Friday night just 3 weeks after her husband died. Their 4 children and 2 grandchildren have really been through it. It has been hard on Mom as well. Her sister was slightly younger than her. This picture was made when we took Mom to the hospital to see Aunt Dorothy. They just held hands the whole time. We stood mom up out of her wheelchair so she could see Aunt Dorothy in her casket and she just cried and cried. She didn't cry like that when my dad died! Of course, she was so exhausted when he died that it was a relief for her.

 I got to come home at 6:30 tonight. My brother has two nights this week that he won't be available to help, so he sent me home tonight. I am glad because we just had a storm with hail and my car was in the garage!


Linda said...

I was wondering how you Mom was taking it after seeing you post! I have been keeping her in my prayers. Almost all of the older ones in my family are gone. I remember my Dad saying "We're going to dropping like flies soon."
So sorry for you loss.

I planted a small garden this year and really enjoying watching it grow. I think of Dad everytime I am looking at it. He sure loved his garden.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for your family's loss.
I am so very glad they got to hold hands and share some time together.
There is no love like that of siblings. Beth

Jess said...

I've buried two siblings, which leaves a hole in your heart that you really can't describe.

Bless you for your care and understanding of your mother's needs. many won't make the effort and miss the opportunity to make a difference at the time when loneliness and fear can overwhelm.