Friday, April 06, 2012


I'm back and had Mom duty last night. She is fine and I am rested. Made a lot of difference to me and my attitude to have a few days to just kick back. Since I was in the path of the  weather on Tuesday, I checked out of the Gaylord Texan and headed south just to get away from the storms. The plus side to that is that the storms didn't go there and the wild flowers in the hill country were awesome.

My brother cut my oak tree down for me while I was gone. It wasn't real big, but it was going to be too big for my yard and the roots were going to be a problem. I have someone coming today to grind the stump and I am grateful to have that behind me. This is a patio home that was professionally landscaped. Why he put a tree that was eventually going to be huge in such a small yard is beyond me. One would think he would know better. That's two trees that I have had to cut down because they were going to be too big. 

Now if we could just get a new government in D. C. I might be able to breathe deeply!

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Linda said...

So glad that you took a few days for yourself!!!!
Love seeing the baby squash.