Monday, January 02, 2012

Home Again!

We brought Mom home on Wednesday because she just acted like they were killing her in rehab when they would try to get her to stand and take a few steps. My brother and I made the decision to just take her home...exactly the same thing we had to do after her last time in rehab after a stay in the hospital and getting so physically weak. She still was not swallowing and didn't seem to be making any progress with it. The caregivers said they were willing to try to take care of her at home even though she was much weaker and now had a peg tube. Since we got her home there has been a miraculous turn around. Not only has she swallowed everything, but she is walking with my brother and not having all the drama to go with it. She is getting stronger every day making it not so hard for me to take her to the bathroom during my shift. She is still getting her meds through the tube because we just have not tried getting her to swallow them, yet, but we have not given glucerna through the tube at all for the last two days. She seems to be eating enough.

As we were getting ready to check out of the hospital on Wednesday, I ran into my cousin in the lobby of the hospital. Her mother, my mother's sister, had been in the same hospital for two days. She went home the same day Mom did, but she is back there now with internal bleeding from an unknown source. This has Mom upset.

Mom doesn't seem to have much residual damage from the embolic strokes other than just mostly not being aware of much of anything and not being able to talk enough for us to understand. We had gotten where we could understand some of what she said, but not now. I guess we just dodged another bullet. We are thinking of gradually getting her off lexapro because she doesn't have much emotions left anyway and that is an expense we could dismiss.


Anonymous said...

Go through the rest of her meds list and see what you can get her off of......maybe that will help.
Isn't it something that she cooperates with you guys , but won't with the rehab...I guess she just doesn't want to be there. :)
She has found a way to communicate with you without words.
Glad she's home , for her sake.
Take care. Beth

Jess said...
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