Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another HIccup!

Our weekend caregiver and sub for the weekly daytime caregiver had to quit to move to Texas and care for her grandchild while her daughter is in Kuwait. She really liked working for us and hated to leave. We have several leads for replacements...mostly some CNA's that took care of Mom while she was in rehab. They are really good, so I hope it works out schedule-wise for them. This would be a job in addition to their regular jobs. 

Mom now has some gout. Her feet have been hurting, so yesterday the home health nurse took blood and I just got a call that her uric acid was high. I take meds on a daily basis for gout, so I know how very painful it is.

On a personal note, I have been using my Wii fit for about a month and really feel better. It's amazing what regular exercise can do to improve overall attitude and health. It's too hot to walk outside. It's too hot to even go outside! The yoga section always makes me feel better even if it is all I do.


Jess said...

Sometimes, the only real thing that seems to help is prayers. I'll say one for you, and your family.

Hang in there and don't forget about yourself.

Anonymous said...

The easiest thing to do is put it all in God's hands.
It is possible she can have a mini-stroke or another stroke. Just a heads up and don't be surprised.
You know, I have seen the Wii bowling programs used in a nursing home setting and the folks love it and it keeps them active.
I wonder if there is anything on it that your mom could do? It would get her moving and maybe improve mobility...even if sitting in a chair.