Friday, April 08, 2011

Busy day!

It  was unintentionally busy! I heard noises in my backyard before 8 A.M. which woke me and then the doorbell rang. Turns out that the dude that I had negotiated with to grind the two stumps where my brother had cut down my trees was there to do his job! Holy crap! It's early for me! He was done in 15 minutes, got his money and left to do the big stuff he had to do today. Since I was awake, I went on to Mom's house and did some work there which included mowing acres of grass. I had just enough time to shower and then go to the rehab center to be with her. We sat outside for a while, which she enjoys. Tomorrow the men are coming to build the ramp at her house.

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Anonymous said...

More progress. :)