Monday, March 14, 2011


Yet another reason these bulbs suck!


Anonymous said...

Now that is scary looking. Plus the mercury in them. Can't be good at all.
Is that yours? or something you found on the net? Beth

Sandy said...

Not mine, but was sent to me via email. I took all mine out, but 5 in a fixture over the kitchen table. I'm about to remove them as well. I have been buying 100 wt 130V incandescents off of Amazon in preparation for the ban of them in January unless it gets overturned in congress.

Anonymous said...

I think the dollar stores still have them around here. I have also been buying them.....I hope some sense overcomes the politicians and it get overturned also....when any bit of mercury is exposed they have a fit closing things down and then the clean could they want everyone exposed to it? Beyond me. Beth