Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Brother is back from vacation a day early. I get to go to lunch with my pals tomorrow like we do every Thursday. It's an outlet that I desperately need. Now that he is back, we have to get in gear and figure out our next step. He will be calling a group of church men soon who have a service of building ramps for people who need them. Potatoes were actually supposed to be planted on Monday....that is not happening anytime soon. Maybe not at all if we don't get going on the garden. I suspect Brother will be on the tractor tomorrow breaking up the garden. Time to get to work!


Anonymous said...

Get everything you NEED to get done any running you need to do clothes to your mom's . Food in.
The therapy team will come by and see what you need to move or get for ease of your mom getting around in her house.
If you think you need the Thursday lunch get together will need it more later on. Good time to get your sitter or adult day care at the rehab facility, she would probably be glad for some time away from you by herself also,be able to interact with others then :) I am not trying to hurt your feelings...just that it is close quarters after not living together to have someone with you at all times.
Dial up here so I couldn't see your mom walking.....are you satisfied with how she is doing at the rehab?? And you are right with what you have read .....sometimes it takes a year and some things will come back even after don't ever be discouraged...she has the will and she will be able to do it. Beth

Linda said...

Hope you can really enjoy you lunch with the girls.
Maybe things with the garden will fall in place, I remember how much my father loved watching the garden grow! I can see him now. For some reason he has really been on my mind today.