Monday, February 21, 2011

Mixed emotions!

Mom had a great birthday with balloons and cake, but we had our meeting that kind of killed the spirit for me. They all said she was doing wonderfully and all the therapists want to keep seeing her, but Medicare is done after 100 days. Part B will pay for more therapy, but we will have to pay for room and board and medicines. When you work hard all your life, save your money, have a house and land and investments, then you get punished when it comes to long term care.  The therapists( and we) think that she could benefit from a few more months of 5 day a week therapy. Our cost would be about $5000 per month and they said semi-private room. My brother and I both bristled at that and said absolutely not. We are going to try to see the CEO tomorrow and negotiate a deal. The night nurse told us deals could be made. We don't mind paying, but not for a semi-private room. Even if Mom passed all her assets to us now, that still wouldn't help because they have to be out of her hands for 5 years. I believe they will make every effort to get her a private room because they want our business. If not, then I guess I will live with her and learn how to do things for her....and get some sitters for home. It wouldn't cost anymore than the nursing home, but Home Health only allows for therapy a couple of times a week. My back hurts, my brain hurts and I'm tired!

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Linda said...

I do understand exactly what you are going through, we also have to use all of my Mom's assets, cash, land, house, etc. before she can get any help. It is so frustrating seeing all that do get the help and have never worked or saved a penny in their life. In 1995, my Dad had tried to prepare for this but he put everything into a revocable trust not a irrevocable trust on the advice of the lawyer he used and that didn't work. Maybe some of the laws have changed, who knows.
Your Mom looks great in the picture and I am so glad she had a nice birthday.
Continuing to say a pray for you and your family everyday!